African Mounts African Mounts 204977164 204977166 204977165 Nyala Beautiful Nyala buck 123734322 Elephant tusks. 75 pounders 123734324 Diuker and Steenbok 123734325 Clients Wall Blesbok, Red Hartebeeste and Impala shoulder mounts above clients fire place mantle. 154183069 Steinbok with custom rock base. 185541065 Oryx on custom base 191392248 Blue Wildebeest on clients wall 201285054 Red Hartebeest on clients wall 201285055 Nyala on clients wall 201285056 Impala on clients wall 201285057 Blesbok on clients wall 201285058 Waterbuck on clients wall 201285059 Black Wildebeest on clients wall 201285060